Have You Changed Your Furnace Filter Recently?

Don't forget to change your filter! Why? It will help in more ways than you think. Learn how to change your filter (it's easy!).
Clean and dirty filters side-by-side

At the onset of autumn, many homeowners turn on their furnace for the first time since the last spring.  In many cases, when the homeowner turns on the system, they find that their furnace is not satisfying the temperature setting and immediately call for service.

When our Edge Guys team receives that call, the first thing we ask the homeowner is if they have changed their filter recently. Many times, a clogged filter is the reason for the furnace issue.

Benefits of changing your filter

A clean filter extends the life of your HVAC system. When you regularly change your furnace filter, you prevent unnecessary damage to your furnace, extend the life of your furnace and prevent costly repairs.

Clean air filters improves the furnace’s efficiency because a clean filter keeps the air circulating so the furnace motor does not have to work as hard to move the air. When air passes through your air filter with ease it also helps the furnace maintain the temperature setting in the home. A clean filter helps keep your energy costs down.

When a clogged filter results in your furnace working harder, more energy is being used.  This causes your utility bills to skyrocket.  The Department of Energy says that when you clean your air filter regularly you save between 5% - 15% on your energy bill.

A clean air filters also maintains a healthy air quality. This helps mitigate the affects of asthma and seasonal allergies.  If you have pets this is very important because pet dander will accumulate in the air system and spread allergens through the house.   A clean air filter is particularly important now with Covid 19 and the onset of cold and flu season.  Clean air in your home will help you maintain your health throughout the year.

Learn how to change your filter

Changing your furnace filter may seem like a daunting task; however, it can be done by the homeowner in a relatively short amount of time.  Before you change your filter, be sure to turn your system off at the thermostat.

When it comes to filters, size matters

Filters range in size from one inch to five inches.  A one inch “flat” filter is common among homeowners.  The problem with this type of filter is there is not a lot of surface area and it must be changed frequently. If you choose a one inch filter, a better option would be to choose a pleated filter which will have more surface area to catch debris.  In general, a one inch filter must be changed once a month.

The two inch pleated filter is a better option than the one inch filter as it has more surface area to collect debris.  This filter needs to be changed every three months.

A four or five inch pleated filter is what we recommend at Edge Guys.  This filter has maximum capacity and surface area.  These filters need to be changed every four to six months depending on circumstances in your home such as pets, allergies and construction in your home or neighborhood.

If you currently have a one inch filter but would like to change to a larger filter, that is not a problem.  Edge Guys can customize an external media cabinet for your furnace that will accommodate the larger filter to maximize your filter efficiency.

Where is my filter?

To change the furnace filter, you first need to locate the filter cabinet. This can be a little tricky as the filter can be located in the duct work or in an external media cabinet.  After you locate the filter cabinet, you need to open the cover and extract the old filter.  When you get ready to put in the new filter you need to look for the directional arrows on the filter.  These arrows must be pointing to the furnace when you install the filter.  This can also be tricky because the filter cabinet can be located anywhere near the system so you need to look for the furnace above or below the filter cabinet and it can even be to the side of the filter cabinet.  Installing the filter correctly is key to ensuring the filter works properly and at maximum capacity.

Before you install the filter, be sure to write the date on the exposed end of the filter so you know the date of the next filter change.  It’s also helpful to set a reminder in your phone to change your filter.

Once you have installed the new filter, turn your system back on at the thermostat.

Watch our video for step by step instructions

If you want more detailed information on how to change your furnace filter, we have produced an easy step by step video to walk you through the process.

You may want to purchase a service plan that includes filter changes

If, after watching the video, you are uncomfortable changing your filter don’t worry, the experts at Edge Guys are available to help.

We can come to your home, perform a seasonal tune-up and change your filter at that time.  To make this more cost-effective for our customers, we offer a $170 yearly Maintenance Membership plan that covers a heating and cooling tune-up and a discount on filters and other HVAC accessories like Cold Plasma Generators and UV Lights.  These accessories work in tandem with a clean filter to sterilize the air in your home.  These accessories have been shown to kill viruses including many Corona viruses.

The service plan also gives homeowners a discount on all service calls, discount on all repairs and even a discount on emergency service.

When all else fails, call the experts at Edge Guys!

If you have changed your filter and your furnace is still not functioning properly, we will immediate dispatch an Edge Guys technician to perform a diagnostic test and service your equipment.  To schedule service, call Edge Guys Heating and Cooling at 317-595-9720 or fill out a quote request form on our website.