3 Warning Signs of Air Conditioning Failure

These three warning signs should get your attention. They may mean your AC system is on its last leg.
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As the summer months continue to stretch on, it's increasingly important that your air conditioning system is able to provide you with the level of service that you desire. Unfortunately, many people allow predictable problems to sneak up on them and then find themselves dealing with a sudden breakdown that might have been preventable.

Staying aware of warning signs is the first step in making sure that you operate your heating and cooling system responsibly. As you edge towards a system failure, some consistent symptoms are likely to develop early enough that you'll have time to take important corrective measures.

Below, you'll find a guide to some warnings that may come before a breakdown in your air conditioning system. If you train yourself to stay aware of these signs, you have a better chance of staying comfortable and cool as the sun beats down, and you'll be able to take preemptive steps to avoid costly and untimely repairs.

Inconsistent air flow

Modern air conditioning systems have been developed to guarantee a consistent flow of air that doesn't involve a great deal of starting and stopping. Each time your blower motor is forced to kick on, it consumes additional energy and puts mechanical components under stress. If that starts to happen more frequently, it can be a warning that you're not receiving optimal performance and that you might be at risk of a sudden failure.

Inconsistent air flow will also interfere with your attempts to stay cool. An unreliable stream of air is also a stream that's unlikely to provide you with maximum cooling power, and you might find yourself feeling stifled even though your air conditioner is on. In some cases, flow can be restored by simply cleaning or replacing your filter. In more serious cases, a substantial blockage might necessitate a service call.

Climbing energy Costs

Climbing energy costs

Keeping your utility bills on an automatic payment system can help avoid the stress of trying to remember whether everything has been paid, but it might also leave you vulnerable to missing some important warning signs. Your air conditioner should be able to operate efficiently enough that your energy costs remain moderate even during extreme temperatures, and if that changes, it's important that you notice it immediately so you can make the necessary corrections.

When your blower motor is forced to work overtime due to a mechanical fault, it consumes more energy. It might also be forced to work harder if there's an air leak in your home that's allowing treated air to escape. Whatever the underlying cause, a spike in your power bill is usually a reliable indicator of a serious problem. Reacting to that indicator rather than shrugging it off is an important step in keeping your home cool.

Unusual noises

It's easy for the regular noises that emanate from your home on a daily basis to start to fade into the background. Familiarity breeds contentment, and you may not even notice when your air conditioner kicks on and off. However, if your instincts suggest something has changed, it may be time to listen.

Changes in the sounds made by your air conditioner tend to be reliable warning signs of a developing problem. A properly functioning system should be barely noticeable, so any loud mechanical noises or sudden starts and stops will require a response.

Edge Guys HVAC has the necessary experience to help you tune up or repair your air conditioner. Reaching out for professional help can help you receive the level of service and performance you desire, keeping you cool and comfortable during the most difficult stretch of the year.